Agri Business/Food Survey

Closes 30 Jul 2021

Opened 5 Jul 2021


The Agriculture Industry is the underpinning industry in our Borough. The growth of mainstream agriculture, agri-food industry, agri-business subsectors, manufacturing, machinery, veterinary, haulage/transportation of agri-commodities are interdependent on the success of the Agriculture Industry under-pinning the relevance and relationship of agriculture industry as the heart of all businesses.

The purpose of the strategy is to set the direction for agriculture, agri-food, agri business and agri tech in the Borough.  A thorough analysis of Agriculture Industry in the Borough at a local level is required and this will inform the development of a plan containing recommendations and innovative approaches established through consultations with leading stakeholders, learning from international best practice and representatives from the Agriculture Industry.

Please allow 20 - 25 minutes to complete this survey.

Why we are consulting

The Agriculture Industry in the Borough accounts for 13% of farming in Northern Ireland with a diverse range of farming enterprises, with 3245 registered farm businesses in 2019 and employing 7205 people.  There are approx 876 agri food businesses and 230 other agri related businesses in the Borough.

Across this industry, there is an array of agri related businesses within the Borough, ranging from agri-food, agri-equipment, animal feeds, contractors, agri tech, animal services etc and we would like this opportunity to consult to ascertain any business gaps, challenges and needs required from the various sectors.

Consultation at the agri business level is valuable in developing this strategy and provides an opportunity for input, leading to the development of creative and realistic recommendations to address opportunities and challenges for the industry

This online consultation has been set up to provide the opportunity for your input.  Please take time to share your ideas and suggestions.


The feedback received during this consultation will be considered in the final Agriculture Strategy.  The implementation and delivery of each key recommendation in the strategy will be subject to funding and availability of resources.

The Council will process these survey findings and information in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) requirements.

Findings and data from this survey will be shared and analysed with the Councils appointed consultant (Birnie Consultancy) as a third party who are acting as employed by Council on the Agriculture Strategy project.

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