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We Asked

As part of Council’s Capital Play Development Programme the play park in Drumbeg/Meadownbrook/Pinbank (Tullygally) has been designated for refurbishment, with an investment of £100,000

There are more children and young people living within the Meadowbrook/ Drumbeg areas and the Play Strategy has recommended relocating the existing Play Area to better meet the needs of an expanded area to include Meadowbrook and Drumbeg. 

Two sites were identifed and Council wanted to hear residents views on which site they feel would better suit the Neighbourhood Play Park which is designated for the Tullygally area

You Said

Council received 303 responses:

  •  34.32 % opted for site one (the exsisting site).
  •  65.68 % opted for site two (new site identified).


We Did

Council is therefore recommending that the new play facilities be located on site two; this site is owned by NIHE and Council are progressing with this matter at the moment.

A public meeting will be arranged to discuss this matter with the residents/community; the date for this meeting will be post on the Get Active & Council Facebook/website pages.

We Asked

In our continuing effort to improve the quality of  play service provided by Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council, we carried out an online and postal survey to establish the number of children aged 0-14 years old in the Blackskull area that would avail of play facilities and how those children play.

You Said

Council received the following responses to the surveys:

Online survey – 59 responses received, total 133 children

Postal survey – 31 received, total  84 children

Therefore there are a total of 217 children in the local area.

We Did

It would be Council's recommendation to progress a new play park in the Blackskull area.  However, it should be noted that no site has been identified at present.

We Asked

For feedback on current service provision and perception of value for money for getactiveabc memberships at the Orchard Leisure Centre to ensure the best possible service is provided to our customers.

You Said

A total of 34 people completed the Survey.

Over 70% of respondents rated their getactiveabc memberships as either excellent or good value for money.  The remaining 29% rated their membership as average in terms of value for money, but none of the surveyed customers rated their membership as ‘poor value for money’

Awareness rates of membership options was an area which was highlighted as needing to be addressed; 58% were aware how many people the family membership covered while 41% were unaware.

We Did

As a result of your feedback, we have ensured that more getactiveabc membership promotional material is now available as well as increased information posts on Facebook about family membership options.